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Enhancing the Concert Experience with Specialized Audio Systems at Batavia Collective Live Concert

Updated: Feb 21

This time, Seruniaudio was invited to collaborate with Batavia Collective in a concert entitled Dancing on The Wave. Yes, this concert brings the concept of spatialization like Hara's concert which can be read here. This trio from Jakarta, consisting of Doni Joesran, Elfa Zulham, and Kenny Gabriel, is known as a group that combines various genres - especially jazz and house music influences - into a musical arrangement.

Of course, in concert with this spatialization concept, we also partnered with Lokonaudio. There were interesting things when we chatted and asked about their impressions of this concert which was attended by more than 100 spectators. Once said the sound was everywhere! There are even those who think the speakers are hanging from the top of a tree due to the effects of the spatialization carried out by the speaker setup by Lokonaudio.

After the concert, which lasted for 2 hours, there were spectators who approached and chatted that their ears didn't hurt even though they watched the concert with the intensity of the music presented by the Batavia Collective. This can happen because the listening distance and loudness (loudness level) is set in such a way by the Lokonaudio team so that it is sufficient to be heard by spectators in the medium area while maintaining audio quality. Lokonaudio added that we should prioritize sound quality over sound quantity.

Enjoy the show!!

How? More curious right?

Wait for the next concerts that use this spatialization system! Don't miss the experience of watching a concert with a spatial concept!

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