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SEM-01 & SEM-02, What’s The Difference?

It’s been 5 years since we launched the first SEM-01 microphone, and we have a lot of positive responses from our customers. We will continue the positive trends of it, and guess what? SEM-02 is finally here!

Maybe you have tons of questions about what’s new on SEM-02, Is it worth the upgrade, and so on. Don’t worry, we will explain that to you.

microphone head comparison of SEM-02 (left) and SEM-01 (right)
SEM-02 (left) and SEM-01 (right)

First of all, as you know SEM-02’s biggest leap is wireless system compatibility. Don’t get us wrong, SEM-02 is not a wireless microphone, it is a wireless system COMPATIBLE which is mean that SEM-02 can be plugged into your favorite wireless transmitter using the adapters and you’ll have a great microphone performance like never before.

We have a total of 8 adapters* you can choose to attach SEM-02 on various devices, they are ACS21-F for Shure, ACS22-F for Fifine K037, ACS23-M for Sennheiser, ACS24-M for smartphone (yes, now support mobile recording, and no phantom power needed), ACS25-M for Sony, ACS26-M for Rode, ACS27-F for AKG, and last but not least XLR adapter (dongle) for connecting SEM-02 to mixer, audio interface, and preamp.

XLR dongle on SEM-02 attached to an audio interface
XLR dongle on SEM-02

The XLR adapter (dongle) is included in the box, so you can use it out of the box! Remember, if you use SEM-02 on the XLR dongle you’ll need to activate the phantom power to get the SEM-02 working properly (just like the SEM-01). Although it is similar to SEM-01 in terms of usage with the XLR dongle, the difference is big here.

The newest SEM-02 is packed with a smaller form factor, yet it will give you a bigger sound! SEM-02 presents a less noise floor and accepts higher SPL up to 116 dB, so it will dramatically boost the dynamic range!

Higher dynamic range and flatter frequency response make the SEM-02 a versatile microphone that can be used for miking a wide range of acoustic instruments including percussion, dialogue/ speech, foley, even sound design in film production. The omnidirectional polar pattern makes the sound captured in a more natural way.

So, don’t hesitate to upgrade to SEM-02! It is the most versatile microphone at a reasonable price!

*adapters except XLR dongle are not included and sold separately

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