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What are the key specifications of SEM-02 and how do they enhance performance?

Updated: Feb 14

For enthusiasts and users who have transitioned from the SEM-01 to the SEM-02 microphones, the distinctions are palpable, aren't they? Beyond the obvious physical differences—which we've covered in our previous posts here —the technical specifications set these two models apart in significant ways.

Let's delve into the specifics of the SEM-02, a model that, at least on paper, outshines its predecessor, the SEM-01, in several key areas:

1.Ultra-high sensitivity The SEM-02 is equipped with an ultra-high sensitivity electret condenser microphone, boasting a sensitivity of -33 dB at 1 kHz. This feature ensures that even the softest sounds are captured clearly without the need to excessively increase the input gain. Consequently, this reduces the noise accumulated from various connected devices (such as audio interfaces, mixers, and cables), making the SEM-02's noise floor substantially lower than the SEM-01's.

2. Enhanced Maximum SPL of Up to 116 dB

With its ability to handle a maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of up to 116 dB, the SEM-02 is perfectly suited for recording instruments known for their high SPL outputs, like snare drums, timpani, cymbals, and kick drums, without the risk of peaking.

3. Expanded Dynamic Range Up to 100 dB The SEM-02 shines with a high signal-to-noise ratio (78 dB) and an enhanced SPL input reception capability of 116 dB, affording it a broad dynamic range (acoustic) of up to 100 dB. This ensures that soft sounds are captured with clarity, while fortissimo passages (very loud tones) remain distortion-free. This remarkable dynamic range is equally beneficial for capturing nuanced speech and dialogue, from whispers to shouts, with exceptional clarity.

*The dynamic range is calculated by subtracting the Equivalent Input Noise (EIN), which stands at 16 dB for the SEM-02, from the acoustic overload point (116 dB). This EIN value is derived from 1 pascal (94 dB) less the SNR (78 dB).

These enhancements make the SEM-02 a versatile and superior choice for a wide range of recording applications. If you have questions or wish to discuss this topic further, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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