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What is a lavalier microphone?

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Lavalier microphone in short is a small mic which is usually used for broadcast/television, theater, public speaking, film, etc. This type of microphone is usually equipped with a small clip(alligator clip) to make it easier to attach to a collar, tie, or other clothing.

Unlike a hand-held mic that must be held/requires a microphone stand to be used, a lavalier microphone can be operated hands-free. Either use an alligator clip or a concealer.

Lavalier itself comes from the word Lavaliere, or rather Duchesse de la Vallière, the person who popularized jewelry in the form of necklaces with pendants during the time of King Louis XIV in France.

Then, does the SEM-02 mic a lavalier microphone?

Of course!

SEM-02 is a versatile microphone that is not only used for miking musical instruments but is also capable of capturing vocals (voice/dialogue) very well thanks to its wide frequency response and high dynamic range. Due to the very small size of the mic capsule (5.6 mm), SEM-02 can also be identified as a lavalier microphone.

Lavalier microphones are also often referred to as lapel microphones because their use is generally placed in the lapel area of a suit. The lapel itself is the chest part of the shirt that is folded to the side and is a continuation of the collar of the shirt/coat. for this lavalier or lapel microphone application, namely the alligator clip (ALC01) and Concealer (SCO01). These two accessories have their respective functions and purposes.

Alligator clips are usually used to attach SEM-02 di tie dan shirt or suit for broadcast/ television.

Meanwhile, SCO01 or concealer is used for film or documentary purposes or interview sessions where the lavalier microphone is not visible on the camera.

Well, that’s the explanation for the lavalier mic.

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