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This SEM-02 Microphone with Clip for Violin is the perfect bundle for any musician looking for a reliable and high-quality microphone for Strings. Whether you're playing violin and viola this mic will give you a clear sound and a professional performance. It's hand built to the highest standards and comes with an adjustable clip for easy mounting, allowing you experience the difference in sound quality.


    Here is the video on how to use the SVA01 on violin:

    SERUNIAUDIO™ // How to Mic Violin Using SVA01

    SEM-02 Microphone with Clip for Violin/ Viola

      • SEM-02
      • CLP02 Black Clip
      • WS02 windshield
      • User guide
      • Sticker
      • SVA01 Violin Accessory Set (violin clip, gooseneck, & cable clamp)

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