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Eross Chandra, Guitarist - Sheila on 7

The development of acoustic guitar pickup (piezo) technology has never been satisfactory for a natural sound lover of acoustic guitar like me...until I tried SEM-02. It is easy to use and the results are consistent: "naturally acoustic".


Dewa Budjana, Guitarist - GIGI

What I hear and feel from the sound of my acoustic guitar is the same as the result after it is recorded on the track. I think that's the most important thing in a mic and sem-02 already represents all of that


Aaron Short,
Singer - Guitarist

I reviewed this microphone on my YouTube channel and myself and many of my viewers were very impressed. This is an excellent microphone at an affordable cost that makes it accessible to anyone. I look forward to see what products Seruniaudio releases in the future!

Nat Hulskamp.jpg

Nat Hulskamp, Guitarist - Oud Player - Seffarine

I am very happy with the SEM-01 by Seruniaudio. The tone is rich and natural and the microphone mounts directly onto the instrument. This is the solution acoustic players have been looking for. I am using it for my live performances and recording projects here in the USA. I highly recommend the SEM-01!

bobak salehi.jpg

Bobak Salehi, Kamancheh - Tar - Setar Player

I am so pleased with the performance of the SEM-01 by Seruniaudio. With the wide variety of bowed and plucked instruments I play, it is very important to have a reliable microphone that consistently captures the true essence and color of each one. SEM-01 has pleasantly surprised me with fantastic clarity, dynamic range, and appropriate responsiveness across a multitude of sonic textures. I highly recommend the SEM-01, not only for live performance but also in the recording studio.

yusuke yamazaki.jpg

Yasuke Yamasaki, Shakuhachi Player

I am so far very satisfied with the sound, easiness of attaching and the size of SEM-01. I don't find any other choice now, even though there are some famous microphone makers in Germany.


Edi Hazt,
Music Producer - Mixing/ Mastering Engineer

What I like about Seruni Audio is that it is small and compact, the sound is natural, lots of headroom, and pick up just a little bit of leakage. Highly recommended for recording.


Paolo Sommariva, Musician - Educator

I teach and play classical guitar. I tried the new SEM 02 microphone and I was very satisfied, what amazed me, besides the excellent sound quality, is that it is completely free of hiss in recording. When recording the guitar it is very present in the mid-bass tones which are therefore equalized in post production, but the sound is excellent.


Romancinto "Monching" Carpio, Musician - Educator

Aside from the excellent sound quality, the SEM-02 mic is also very convenient to use. You just clip it on the guitar and you’re good to go, and you barely notice that it’s there. I highly recommend this both for recording and live performances.

indra q.jpg

Indra Q,
Music Producer - Keyboardist BIP

I use SEM-01 to record violin in a movie entitled Wage especially when Indonesia Raya scene because of its forte dynamic which is very compatible with this microphone, for omni-capturing Black & White jazz band scene, and for recording choir Indonesia Raya & Matahari Terbit. I’m very satisfied and able to get the luminous feels. This microphone is indeed #UntukIndonesiaRaya <3

Thank you Seruniaudio!


Sigit "Didiet" Ardityo,

This microphone has no problem, the sound is pure acoustic from the violin, and the output sound is great.


Yusuf Ubay, Saxophonist - Vocalist NIDJI

For you guys who is confused looking for instruments mic for live performance purposes, go check out @seruniaudio.

Just try it, sound is good, I have tried and no lies  soo gooood serrrr


See n See Guitar, Musician - Guitarist

When I tried it for the first time, I immediately felt that the input gain was much greater than the previous series (SEM 01) and the noise floor was lower. I think this is an innovation and new development from the previous product.


Agus Hardiman,
Jingle Maker - Educator

Thanks to Seruni SEM-02, recording at home is just like recording in Professional Studio. It has low noise and low environmental ambiance leakage. The result also has a warm characteristic, makes it easy on the mixing stage.


Rizki Wahyudi, 
Certified Apple Digital Mixing & Mastering Engineer -  Senior Audio Engineer at NET

The first time I used SEM-02 I was impressed with the very clean & warm sound from it, really enjoyed recording and processing voice with SEM-02. For recording acoustic instruments? SEM-02 always be my first choice, for my peace of mind, I always bring mine in my backpack on every mobile session I had.


Aditya Irisnawan,
Sound Engineer

The SEM-02 lavalier microphone is a very significant improvement over the SEM-01 microphone, in terms of sound quality, noise floor, portability, and is very versatile. It is suitable for the needs of audio for motion pictures, with a very friendly budget.


Ade Sulistio,
Musician - Content Creator

As a content creator, I think the microphone is a pretty important tool. When I found the SEM-02I thought this is the one I was looking for. This microphone really meets my needs in creating content.The sound quality produced is natural and noiseless as well as the complete features it has to offer make the SEM-02 my go to mic for creating all my content. Highly recommended!


Musician - Guitarist at Summerlane

Seruniaudio SEM-02 is highly recommended for recording guitar instruments, vocals, etc. The sound is natural and focused, makes it easy to mix, the shape is very small, very simple, very easy to move to the sound position we want, I am very proud using Seruniaudio products.


Ricad Hutapea,
Musician - Saxophonist

Seruniaudio is the answer to my needs on stage. The wide frequency response of the mic made my saxophone sound captured clearly from low notes to altissimo notes, which other mics don't, but Seruni is able to be the solution to my needs to overcome it all



The local microphone that on par in quality with well-known professional microphones. It can accept a wide range of sound dynamics and also sounds natural with very good clarity. Highly recommended!


Musician - Bassist at Pee Wee Gaskins

After trying out this little fella, SEM-02, I think I don’t need any other mic. The quality, warm tonality, very little noise leakage, and affordable price sound too good to be true, but in fact, it makes it better than what I’ve tried before. Expect new records from Pee Wee Gaskins using this beast.


Jordy Waelauruw,
Trumpet Player - Producer

The first time I tried the Seruni mic to be honest, I was very surprised, because this tiny mic can produce a very natural sound from my trumpet or even other acoustic instruments that I recorded using a Seruni mic. Even my friends who tried my Seruni mic were surprised by the results, with a small form factor and a very affordable price, it can produce a very good sound.


Husein Leo, 
Motomulu - Live Streaming Coordinator

I have tried many clip on lavalier mic, from the entry level to some of the world's renown brand. In my line of work, having a lavalier mic that picks up very little background noise from FOH while not compromising the original sound of the speaker's voice is very crucial as there is no time for editing during live streaming, unlike recording. SEM-02 sound quality is proven very comparable to those world renowned brand while the price is very affordable and the after sales service is top notch as well. It has become my favourite clip on lavalier mic ever since.


Avedis Mutter,
Sound Engineer, - Youtuber - Musician - Afrercoma - Pas Band - Sound Of Monkey

From the first time I opened the box, I could feel from its built quality that this was really a pro gear. I was more convinced after trying it on an Acoustic guitar, the tones were clear, SEM-02 managed to capture the dimensions of the guitar and its dynamics, and until this day, SEM02 is still became my first choice when creating content for my Youtube.


Edon Romero, 
Saxophonist - Music Arranger

The SEM-01 made me look away from the mic I used, and now SEM-02 is even crazier than its predecessor, it’s even tinier yet give a crazier result!


Erick Pidux, 
Music Director - Producer - Content Creator at Crossfade Production

Seruni SEM-02 is highly recommended for recording various acoustic instruments and even vocals. Its small size makes it easy to carry anywhere and easy to use in any situation.


Reza 'Torpedoest' Hilmawan,
Producer & Audio Engineer at MRH Studio - Vokal & Guitar at Torpedoest

Seruni is one of the best recording microphone with great quality in its price range for recording purpose. Plus, I can put it anywhere I want!”


Denny Chasmala, 
Guitarist - Music Arrange

I like Seruni SEM-01. The setting is simple, ready to go in every situation and multi-capture. As long as I use SEM-01, the sound engineer never complaining about it because of its natural sound. Proud to use SEM-01 microphone.

gardika gigih.jpg

Gardika Gigih, 
Composer - Pianist

On several occasions of recording and performing with acoustic piano, the performance of the Seruni microphone is always reliable and capable. From low to high frequency registers, the character of the instrument remains intact when amplified. Seruni is a friend to acoustic musicians, and also a friend to 'wooden sound'."

alfian emir aditya.jpg

Alfian Emir Aditya,

"Safety and comfort guaranteed, for both ears and musical instruments.

fajar ahadi.jpg

 Fajar Ahadi, 
Music Composer -  Soundfams Audio Post-production

Seruni MKS-14 is one of the best-broadcast mic alternatives - the best podcasts at the moment. This mic is very suitable for voice-over talent or dubber talent who don't have a good recording room because this mic is designed to reduce noise that is usually around the room which is not yet well treated.

fernanda gunsan.jpg

Fernanda Gusnan, 
Digital Creator - Tech Reviewer

I use MKS14 for video Voiceover as well as daily Tiktok Live Streaming. My viewers were amazed by its sound quality. You can achieve that low-deep-cinema-trailer-like voice or use it as a fun broadcast-radio-like smiling voice. It already has a good gain so you don't need a powerful preamp or cloudlifter to power it, making it the best local pride condenser microphone for many uses. Highly recommend it for podcasts, voiceovers, and live streaming. 

rian dmasiv.jpg

Rian Ekky Pradipta, 
Musician - Vokalist at D'Masiv

I'm very happy, this is the first time I've used a mic made in Indonesia and to be honest, I immediately like the character because it's quite difficult for me to get along with several mics in the past. In my opinion, as a local brand, Seruniaudio is really cool! Hopefully it can continue to explore and become a product that is loved by all musicians in the world! 

willy winarko_edited.jpg

Willy Winarko, 
Content Creator - Musician

The sound produced by this microphone is high quality. Captures sound clearly and thus becomes my favorite because of its unique design. Lightweight, yet sturdy, making this microphone a favorite to carry around. 

syarif acil.jpg

Syarif Acil, 
Podcast Producer - Voice Over Talent

Steal Deal and probably my best purchase so far for 2023! The quality of this mic is very reliable for recording. I use this microphone for podcast & VO production and the results are really great! 


Nia Aladin, 
Harpist - Violinist

I am very proud to use products made by Seruni, an Indonesian brand, because of their ease of use and the truly delightful sound they produce. Whether creating or performing on stage, the sound of my harp and acoustic violin remains natural and true to its original character. The ambience created feels more serene, bringing joy to the listeners. Thank you, Seruni. 

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