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SGA02B is an original guitar accessory set design from Seruniaudio, designed and produced in Indonesia. The lock & release mechanism on the SGA02B makes it easy to install on your favorite musical instrument. With strong and flexible materials, we ensure the best quality. SGA02B is suitable for acoustic guitars, dobros, and ukulele.


Key features:

  • Specially designed for acoustic guitar, Dobro and Ukulele
  • Equipped with a Stainless Steel frame
  • Rubber pads for protection and stability when used on your musical instrument


What you get:

  • SGC02 Guitar clip - 1 pcs
  • SCL02 Cable clamp - 2 pcs
  • SGM02 Gooseneck - 1 pcs

SGA02B Guitar Accessory Set for SEM-02

SKU: SER-02-021
  • Dimension 14 x 4.2 x 4 cm
    Gooseneck Diameter 5 mm
    Max. Clip Length 11.5 cm
    Material Plastic, Rubber, Steel
    Color Black


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