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How to Use SEM-01 Microphone Properly?

Updated: Jan 30

Here, we will tell you about how to use the SEM-01 microphone properly.

As we know, SEM-01 is a condenser microphone that needs phantom power 48v. So, first of all you should make sure that your devices (amplifier, mixer, audio interfaces/ soundcard) have the phantom power needed, in this case 48v. If your devices have the phantom power below 48v (e.g Marshall AS100D has only 15v phantom power) the SEM-01 won’t work properly, otherwise the mic won’t work at all. See manual instruction for more detailed info.

The phantom power switch usually labelled as +48v, phantom, phantom power, or something similar. The picture above show us phantom power switch on (left to right) a mixer panel, acoustic guitar amplifier, and USB audio interface/ soundcard.

Next, we always recommend to use paper tape mask before you apply CLP01 yellow clip on the surface of your instrument to avoid glue residue, as we know the rubber double sided tape is too strong and able to left residue on the surface of your instruments.

Always use paper tape mask before applying CLP01 yellow clip on your instruments. After you plug the mic on the audio interface, adjust the mic gain to zero position before you turn on the phantom power. Then, after turning on the phantom power please wait for a second before you use it and vice versa, if you decided to turn off the phantom power, adjust the mic gain to zero and wait for a second before you disconnect SEM-01 from any devices.

Connect and disconnect the microphone in proper way for longer microphone lifespan

Please refer to the video below if you want to use the SEM-01 microphone:

That’s all folks, enjoy your truly instrument’s sound!

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