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Why SEM-01 Needs Phantom Power?

Updated: Jan 30

The SEM-01 microphone is the same as a condenser microphone, others require 48 volt phantom power for use. It’s different with dynamic microphones, as is often found for singers on stage, just plug it in and it can turn on. Why? You can read about it here.

So what is phantom power? In theory, phantom power is a DC current that is passed through the microphone cable to power the preamp of the condenser mic capsule. The cable needed to supply phantom power must be balanced (has 3 wires) and the XLR jack has 3 pins ( 1 = ground | 2 = + | 3 = -) because it has become the standard operating condenser mic according to DIN standard 45596.

Phantom power has a voltage range from 9 V to 52 V. The SEM-01 itself requires 48 V phantom power (DIN standard 45596), generally available on soundcards/audio interfaces, acoustic instrument amps, and professional mixers.

But what if there is no phantom power on our devices? Please use an external phantom power supply (click here for more details) which is widely sold in online and offline stores.

Well, now you understand why the SEM-01 microphone requires phantom power .

Hopefully this article can help.

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