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Tips for Extending the SEM-01 & SEM-02 Microphone Cables Safely and Effectively

Updated: Feb 15

As we all know, the SEM-01 and SEM-02 microphones have a cable length of 2.5 meters which should be sufficient for the needs of room/home recording musicians. However, what if you want to use the SEM-01 on stage? Or what if it is used by a professional studio with a different control room? Is a 2.5-meter cable enough?

Calm down, buddy…!

The SEM-01 and SEM-02 microphones use an XLR Male jack (Canon if the local term) from Neutrik. In addition to having a gold-plated pin, of course, this mc-mxx type XLR jack can also be extended. Like a microphone in general, the SEM-01 can be extended using a regular mic cable, as long as the mic is a balanced 3-pin cable.

Why does it have to be 3 pins? You can find the answer here.

So don’t worry anymore if the SEM-01 cable is not long enough, because it can be extended up to 30M you know!

Hopefully, this article can help.Have a nice day!

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