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Video Conferencing Using the SEM-01 Microphone

Updated: Jan 31

In the current pandemic era, many of us frequently use video conferencing services like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. A common complaint during video conferences is unclear audio, even though the connection is strong and the video is clear with good resolution. This problem often stems from the inadequate quality of built-in microphones, whether on smartphones or laptops/PCs.

The good news for those who already own a SEM-01 microphone and want to provide clear and good quality audio during video conferences is that the SEM-01 can be used to capture your voice.

When using a laptop/PC, use a soundcard/audio interface with +48 V phantom power. You can attach it to certain spots as shown in the image below:

If using a smartphone, either Android/iOS, you can use an iRig Pre. This audio interface from IK Multimedia supports +48 V phantom power and uses a 3.5 mm jack for input to the smartphone, so it doesn't drain the battery and can be charged while conducting long video conferences. The setup can be seen in the image below:

Make sure the phantom power on the iRig Pre is active

You can also attach it to your clothing like a lavalier microphone as shown in the following image:

Once installed, tidy up the microphone cable so it doesn't hinder our movements.

So, those are our tips for improving audio quality during video conferences. Hope it's helpful.

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