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PLUG, PASTE, and PLAY! how to use CLP-02

Updated: 1 day ago

Seruniaudio SEM-02 as the successor to the SEM-01 certainly has ease of use on musical instruments. If previously the SEM-01 used a CLP01 clip so that it could be attached to acoustic instruments, now the SEM-02 also comes with a CLP02 clip specifically designed for the SEM-02 microphone. Making the SEM-02 ready to play out of the box!

Just like the CLP01, the CLP02 clip also uses a kind of double-sided adhesive tape so that it sticks well to the musical instrument. Please remember that we recommend applying paper tape first to the surface of the musical instrument so that the adhesive from CLP02 does not leave residue (marks) on your beloved musical instrument.

Here's how to install the SEM-02 microphone on the CLP02:

First, insert the cable into the gaps on the top side of the CLP02.

Then, push the back of the mic in, keep in mind, that the design of the cavity (hole) of the CLP02 is slightly inclined upwards, this is intended to minimize direct contact between the capsule and the body of the musical instrument (especially musical instruments whose surface is not too flat, such as a violin)

Find the position or location of the microphone according to the desired sound character by moving the mic position in the body area of ​​your acoustic musical instrument.

Apply paper tape

Remove the adhesive on the CLP02, then stick it right on top of the paper tape.

Easy isn't it?

Well, if the adhesive on the CLP02 is no longer strong enough to hold it, you can replace it with a new adhesive that is sold in stationery shops or electrical stores. You can also buy at your trusted marketplace.

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