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SEM-02 for Stage Microphone and Acoustic Amplification.

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Seruniaudio SEM-02 is a microphone that reproduce a natural and balanced sound. With a wide and flat frequency responses and high dynamic range, it is certainly able to reproduce acoustic sound very well. This is what makes the SEM-02 microphone suitable as a stage microphone for acoustic amplification.

Then how about feedback?

Calm down, every mics have a feedback risk, it’s just a matter of how we and the sound engineer deal with it. Read the full details here

One of the advantages of the SEM-02 for stage microphones is that it can be operated hands-free and without a mic stand that distracting the visuals. Its small size is also very easy to install on various musical instruments. In addition, SEM-02 also has many accessories set that can meet all your stage needs.

SEM-02 has many sets of accessory for musical instruments, more details can be seen in the image below:

Complete isn’t it?

Besides that, SEM-02 is also wireless system compatible, what does that mean? Of course SEM-02 is not a wireless microphone, but compatible with wireless systems. So all you have to do is buy an adapter that fits your beloved wireless system. Note that the SEM-02 uses a standard microdot connector for the audio system. Read more here

With the accessories above, you can customize the SEM-02 according to your needs. So don’t worry about using the SEM-02 on stage! Be free!

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