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The ACS27-F is an essential microdot adapter for connecting the SEM-02 microphone to AKG PT series, Samson, and HTS UHF wireless systems. It provides an easy and reliable way to connect your SEM-02 microphone to these devices. It is a high quality and durable product, ensuring great performance and a long-lasting connection. The ACS27-F is a must-have accessory for those who want to use their SEM-02 microphone with the AKG PT series, Samson, and HTS UHF wireless systems.


SKU: SER-03-007
    • Designed for connecting the Seruniaudio SEM-02 Microphone to AKG, Samson, and HTS Transmitters using the Microdot adapter.
    • Features a 3-pin (TA3F) Plated Nickel connector design for reliable connections.
    • Adapter size: Ø10.5mm*38mm (length)
    • AKG DPT70, DPT700, DPT800, PT60, PT80, PT81, PT40, PT45, PT400, PT450, PT470, PT4000, PT4500 UHF Wireless Systems
    • Samson UT1L, VT2L
    • Audix R41, R42, R61, R62
    • LD Systems WS100-BP
    • TOA WMS4500
    • HTS WM1104

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