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The ACS28-F is a high-quality adapter specifically designed for connecting the SEM-02 microphone to Audio Technica ATW/ ESW wireless systems. It is made from durable materials and is designed to provide reliable and long-lasting performance. This microdot adapter is perfect for use in professional recording and broadcast environments. With its 4-pin Hirose connector, it ensures that your microphone is securely connected to your audio equipment.


SKU: SER-03-008
    • Designed for connecting the Seruniaudio SEM-02 Microphone to Audio Technica using the Microdot adapter.
    • Features a 4-pin Hirose Plated Nickel connector design for reliable connections.
    • Adapter size: Ø11.5mm*38mm (length)
    • Audio-Technica ATW-T1501, ATW-T1801, ATW-T1000, ATW-T1001EX, ATW-T1000D, ATW-T1001, ATW-110G, ATW-T310, AEW-T1000, AEW-T1000A, ATW-T701 wireless systems. 

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