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ALC01 Alligator Clip is made of durable and lightweight material, and it provides a secure and comfortable fit with its ergonomic design. The clip on also features a swivel head that can be adjusted for optimal microphone position for maximum voice clarity. It is the perfect accessory for any microphone setup. Suite for Broadcasters, TV Presenters, Lecturers, Musicians, Actors, Singers, and any other applications requiring minimum microphone visibility with hands-free operation. 


ALC01 Alligator Clip

SKU: SER-02-003
    • Fit to tied up Seruniaudio SEM-02 microphone, Make Your Speech More Exciting
    • Compact, Easy To Carry
    • Can Be Caught In The Collar, T-Shirt etc.
    • Suitable for stage shows, podium speeches, lectures, also applies to meetings, chatting online
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Metal
    • Size: Approx. 2.2cm X 1.3cm X 0.5cm 

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