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"Versatile Miniature Microphone"

Discover SEM-02, the ultimate miniature microphone that captures the most intricate sound details with unparalleled precision. Thanks to its enhanced components, it boasts a higher dynamic range and can handle higher SPL levels, making it the perfect tool for recording acoustic instruments and capturing voice and sound design in film production. Its smaller form factor allows for easy concealment, while its compatibility with wireless systems makes it even more versatile. Get your hands on SEM-02 and experience true sound like never before.


SKU: SER-01-002
    • Ultra-high Sensitivity Electret microphone
    • More compact and smaller than its predecessor
    • Unprecedented headroom and clarity, with an S/N Ratio of 74dB and a maximum SPL of 115dB
    • Microdot connector (a gold-plated Neutrik XLR connector – XLR adapter is included)
    • Less feedback in live stage performing
    • A flexible adapter system supplies compatibility with a wide range of wireless systems
    • Can be plugged in directly to a smartphone using a TRRS adapter

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