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  • SEM-01 & SEM-02, What’s The Difference?

    It’s been 5 years since we launched the first SEM-01 microphone, and we have a lot of positive responses SEM-02 is finally here! Remember, if you use SEM-02 on the XLR dongle you’ll need to activate the phantom power to get the SEM -02 working properly (just like the SEM-01). Although it is similar to SEM-01 in terms of usage with the XLR dongle, the difference is big here.

  • Could the SEM-01 & SEM-02 microphones cable be extended?

    As we all know, the SEM-01 and SEM-02 microphones have a cable length of 2.5 meters which should be sufficient However, what if you want to use the SEM-01 on stage? The SEM-01 and SEM-02 microphones use an XLR Male jack (Canon if the local term) from Neutrik. Like a microphone in general, the SEM-01 can be extended using a regular mic cable, as long as the mic So don’t worry anymore if the SEM-01 cable is not long enough, because it can be extended up to 30M you

  • SEM-01, Could It Be Used on All Instruments?

    Seruniaudio SEM-01 “One Mic for all instruments” is designed to reproduce well and naturally the sound Because the SEM-01 itself has a maximum SPL of 102 dB (can be seen in the specification table below ) SEM-01 technical specification table Could it be used in drums? SEM-01 mounted on snare drum using brass accessory set (SBA01) But don’t worry, other acoustic instruments So if you are asked, “Could the SEM-01 be used on all acoustic instruments?”, yes, it is!

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  • SEM-02 | Buy the Versatile Miniature Microphone for High-quality Audio Capture

    If you have previous SEM-01 clips, they will fit seamlessly with the SEM-02 microphone. *Use SCL02 to secure the cable since the form factor is differ from SEM-01 **wireless system adapters -02 Play Video Play Video 01:33 SERUNIAUDIO™ // SEM-02 on Violin - Outdoor Wireless Recording The video Play Video 01:37 SERUNIAUDIO™ // SEM-02 - How to Connect Microdot Adapters This video is showing you #seruniaudio #lavalier #fieldrecording Play Video Play Video 01:50 SERUNIAUDIO™ // SEM-02 - The sound

  • Seruniaudio Product Downloads and Resources

    Downloads SEM-01 User Guide SEM-01 Catalog SEM-01.pdf SEM-02 User Guide SEM-02 Catalog SEM-02

  • Product Guides | seruniaudio

    As the successor to the SEM-01, the Seruniaudio SEM-02 Microphone has a much wider potential for use. With the launch of Seruniaudio SEM-02 as the successor to SEM-01, of course, some of us do not really SBS01 is our accessory set for contrabass/ double bass/ upright bass. SBA01 is our Brass Accessory Set, made specifically for SEM microphone series. SEM-01 microphone can be used on trumpet, thanks to SBA01 brass accessory set we offer.

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