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Mobile Recording Using SEM-02

Updated: Feb 13

It is undeniable that advance of technology makes smartphones a reliable recording device in all situations. The presence of the SEM-02 provides possibilities that were previously unattainable by its predecessor, SEM-01.

The SEM-01 microphone is required to use an additional preamp such as the iRig Pre (requires phantom power) to connect to a smartphone. The SEM-02 microphone is designed to be able to connect directly on smartphones using a special adapter, namely ACS24-M for smartphone.

SEM-02 does not require phantom power if it is plugged into a smartphone using a microdot adapter.

There are two setups that we recommend for this mobile recording system.

1. Direct to smartphone using ACS24-M for smartphone

This setup is relatively easy because you just need to pair the ACS24-M for smartphone to the 3.5 mm jack (headset/ handsfree jack) on the cellphone. here are the steps:

The first step, of course, is to install the ACS24-M for smartphone into the SEM-02 microdot connector, Then just plug in the mic on a musical instrument or as needed.

Use a recording application on your smartphone/tablet PC (Garageband, n-Track, Cubasis, etc.)

2. Using the ACS26-M for Rode and Y splitter for audio monitoring purposes

This setup will provide system monitoring that makes it easier for users, no need to remove the jack to listen to recordings. However, this setup requires an additional cable, namely a Y splitter (mic+headphone) and of course no phantom power is needed! Fantastic isn’t it?

By using the Y splitter, users can directly monitor audio without removing the jack, even direct monitoring (Apple device only). On Android devices, direct audio monitoring is not satisfactory because the latency is too large. Therefore we recommend using an Apple device to get the most out of it.

Make sure SEM-02 goes into the mic input jack and earphone/headphone goes into the audio output jack

For the full tutorial, please see the following video:

Tutorial recording on cellphones can be seen at 3:58

Yep, those were our tips about mobile recording using SEM-02. You can choose which method is more suitable for the conditions and situations.

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