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SEM-01, Could It Be Used on All Instruments?

Seruniaudio SEM-01 “One Mic for all instruments” is designed to reproduce well and naturally the sound of acoustic instruments, including guitar, violin, ukulele, gamelan, cello, contrabass, saxophone, piano, drums, etc.

However, there are things that must be considered in its use, namely the SPL / Sound Pressure Level of each acoustic instrument. Because the SEM-01 itself has a maximum SPL of 102 dB (can be seen in the specification table below ), musical instruments that have an SPL of more than 102 dB will produce distorted sound (the sound is unusable).

SEM-01 technical specification table

Could it be used in drums? Drums have an SPL range of 90dB to 130dB depending on the strength of the stroke and the dynamics being played. For example, when hitting the snare drum hard, the resulting SPL can reach 130 dB or more.

However, we also have customers who use SEM-01 for miking the snare drum, we are not surprised because the sound engineer knows very well the correct miking position and the treatment used. Then what kind of treatment to do this? We’ll talk about that at a later time, so be patient.

SEM-01 mounted on snare drum using brass accessory set (SBA01)

But don’t worry, other acoustic instruments are still safe because basically SEM-01 is intended for miking and amplifying instruments with low SPL as mentioned above (guitar, ukulele, violin, saxophone, gamelan, etc.).

So if you are asked, “Could the SEM-01 be used on all acoustic instruments?”, yes, it is! No need to worry. I’m more worried about dealing with neighbors who are angry because we playing music too loud

Hopefully, this article can help. Have a nice day!

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