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What Makes Seruniaudio SEM-02 Stand Out from SEM-01? A Comparison of Features

Updated: Jan 30

It has been 5 years since we launched the first SEM-01 microphone, and we have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We will continue this positive trend, and guess what? SEM-02 is finally here!

You might have many questions about what's new in SEM-02 and whether it's worth upgrading from the previous microphone. Here's the explanation.

microphone head comparison of SEM-02 (left) and SEM-01 (right)
SEM-02 (left) and SEM-01 (right)

Firstly, as you know, the biggest leap of SEM-02 is its compatibility with the Wireless System. Don't get it wrong, SEM-02 is not a wireless microphone, but it is compatible with the Wireless System. This means SEM-02 can be plugged into your favorite Wireless Transmitter using a Microdot Adapter, and you will get an extraordinary microphone performance like never before.

We have 8 Microdot Adapters that you can choose to connect SEM-02 to various devices, such as:

  1. ACS21-F for Shure Wireless System

  2. ACS22-F for Fifine K037

  3. ACS23-M for Sennheiser Wireless System EW series

  4. ACS24-M for Smartphones (iOS and Android)

  5. ACS25-M for Sony UWP Series

  6. ACS26-M for Rode Wireless Go (Also supports Saramonic and Boya Wireless System)

  7. ACS27-F for AKG PT Series

Lastly, an XLR adapter (dongle) to connect SEM-02 to Mixers, Audio Interfaces, Handy Recorders, and Preamps.

XLR dongle on SEM-02 attached to an audio interface
XLR dongle on SEM-02

The XLR dongle is included in the package, and you can use it right away! Remember, if you use SEM-02 on the XLR dongle, you need to activate Phantom Power (48V) for the microphone to function properly (like SEM-01). Although its use is similar to SEM-01, SEM-02 has significant differences in form factor and sound quality.

SEM-02 comes in a smaller form but can give you a bigger sound! With a low Noise Floor and a higher SPL up to 116 dB, it will dramatically increase the Dynamic Range!.

A higher Dynamic Range and a Flat Frequency Response make SEM-02 a versatile microphone that can be used for various acoustic instruments, including percussion, dialogue/speech, Foley, and even Sound Design in film production. Having an Omnidirectional Polar Pattern makes the captured sound more natural and precise.

SEM-01 vs SEM-02 comparison table

So, don't hesitate to switch to SEM-02! It is the most versatile microphone available for you!

*Microdot Adapter is sold separately and is not included in the sales package.

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