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SERUNIAUDIO at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2019

Updated: Mar 18

Seruniaudio become one of the 11 brand that represent Indonesia in Musikmesse 2019. As we know, Musikmesse is the biggest musical instrument exhibition in Europe.

Bekraf himself will carry the theme of IDentities, which has been known as one of the brands for the best works of the nation in the craft and handicraft industries. In addition to promoting their products at this event, the involvement of creative actors themselves is also expected to introduce the ecosystem of the national musical instrument industry.

The 11 names chosen represent Indonesia in the 2019 Musikmesse Frankfurt event, Seruniaudio with hand-built microphone products Kuassa Teknika, which is engaged in software & pro audio, Genta Guitar, which produces guitars and ukulele, Premiere Wood Manufacturing with its line of business in the field of active speakers & professional speakers, Kyre Drums with products percussion and drums, Indonesian Bamboo Community which focuses on bamboo-based musical instruments, Sawoe which manufactures wood-based musical instruments, Sui Generis Straps with its exclusive products in the form of guitar straps, X9 Pro Audio with its closed loudspeaker product, Blueberry Guitar which has a custom guitar product with an attractive design, and Sasando Shop which will feature traditional Flores musical instrument products, Sasando.

Here we have few documentation that we captured during the event:

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