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SMEX 2019 Exceptional !

Updated: Mar 18


That's the perfect word to describe just how lively and grand this biggest pro-audio, lighting, multimedia, and music expo in Indonesia was. We felt incredibly fortunate to be a part of this grand event. There, we partnered with our official dealer in Surabaya, Media Digital Center (MDC), the most comprehensive recording and pro-audio equipment store in Surabaya.

The visitors of SMEX 2019 were not only from Surabaya and its surroundings but also from Kendal, Pati, Bali, and even as far as Ternate. They certainly didn't miss out on the special prices offered for SMEX 2019.

Below is a little documentation from us during the SMEX 2019 exhibition along with booth visitors and our loyal customers:

Thank you, SMEX 2019! Looking forward to more exciting events.

Best regards,

The Seruniaudio Team

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