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Deep Talk with The Pro: Digging The Potential of Voice Industry Ecosystem.

Updated: Mar 18

Step into a world where voices weave stories, where every sound carries a tale waiting to be told. It's a world that surrounds us, from the vibrant buzz of advertisements to the captivating narratives of movies and podcasts. In the bustling landscape of Indonesia's voice industry, stands a remarkable figure – Bimo Kusuma, better known as Bimoky. The person who collaborated with us in the making of the MKS-14 Special Edition.

On February 25th, 2024, at the Riss Hotel Malioboro, he and his esteemed colleagues gathered for a profound discourse on the boundless potential of the voice industry ecosystem. Among the luminaries present were Tisa Julianti, the enchanting voice behind many beloved characters; Arletta Danisworo, whose vocal mastery knows no limits; Binta Nadhila, the melodious storyteller; Nicko Septiawan, the voice that resonates with emotion; Ian Saybani, the master of tone and timbre; and Haryoko, whose voice paints pictures with every word.

Seruniaudio and Zeal Musik, one of our authorized dealers are supporting this event. It wasn't just talk; it was an experience. Attendees also had the exclusive opportunity to experience the MKS-14 Special Edition. And the verdict? Their minds were blown away by the unparalleled quality of the MKS-14 Special Edition.

To top it all off, generous door prizes awaited lucky winners, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already unforgettable evening.

Congratulations to the winners!

See you at the next one! 🎤🚀

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