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Spatialization in a live concert! Seruniaudio x Lokonaudio

Updated: Aug 15

In April 2023, Hara (@musikhara) held a concert entitled Konser Kenduri which was supported by Lokonaudio and Seruniaudio. The microphones used for the acoustic instruments at this concert including guitars, violins, violas, cellos and contrabass, used SEM-02 from Seruniaudio.

The sound system used at this event borrow the concept of spatialization with object-based spatial audio built from the ground up by the Lokonaudio laboratory. In this concert, Lokonaudio implements a hybrid system, so, there is an L/R (stereo) main out with an extended subwoofer on each channel as a frontal speaker system supported by 8 spatial independent channel speakers arranged around the audience.

In terms of auditory experience, of course it will be very different from the stereo setups we usually found at concerts in general. Here, the audience is invited to immerse, to blend in and be swallowed up by the sound of the music sung by Hara. The sound presented has multidimensional layers of space and depth, by using digital engineering to recreate the parameter of acoustic principles to manipulate the audience's hearing perception. One audience even said, "Welcome to the sound bath!"

This concert is located in Ruas Bambu, Kaliurang, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Not only spoiled with stunning sound presentations, the atmosphere on stage at Ruas Bambu was truly serene accompanied by the gentle breeze and the distinctive sound of the perch. This atmosphere really supports this concert, a music concert that blends with nature!

Check out the video reviews from the audience and Hara as a performer below:

So, do you want experience immersive sound system in a concert by yourself?

Wait for the D day!

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