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MKS-14 Strikes on Total Perkusi: Mallet's Day

Updated: Feb 17

Total Percussion Mallet's Day 2023 is a celebration of Total Perkusi's 10th anniversary. In this event, apart from the performance of percussion instrument mallets, there was also a presentation about percussion presented by a percussionist.

The event, which was held at ADASARANG on 28-29 October 2023 is a medium to introduce mallets to the public with an even wider reach. Apart from that, the SERUNIAUDIO MKS-14 Special Edition large diaphragm condenser microphone was also featured in this event. The Timpani and Bongos for this event were recorded using the MKS-14 Special Edition. The following is a sound sample recorded using the MKS-14 Special Edition:

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