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Recording Audio on Your Camera with SEM-02: External Microphone Guide

Updated: Feb 9

SEM-02 Microphone on Digital Camera
SEM-02 on Camera

Are you looking to capture crystal-clear audio directly with your digital camera, bypassing the hassle of post-production synchronization? The SEM-02 microphone is your solution. Designed for modern digital cameras equipped with advanced mic preamps and DSPs, the SEM-02 ensures low noise, broad frequency response, and high dynamic range, making it ideal for vloggers and social media enthusiasts.

Using the camera's built-in microphone often leads to subpar audio quality!”

Why Choose an External Microphone for Your Camera?

Using the camera's built-in microphone often leads to subpar audio quality. The SEM-02 microphone, however, revolutionizes this experience. It offers a significant upgrade in sound clarity and quality, essential for professional-grade vlogs and social media content. By connecting directly to your camera, the SEM-02 captures ambient sounds and dialogues with exceptional precision.

Setting Up SEM-02 for Optimal Audio Recording

Setting up the SEM-02 is straightforward. With its microdot system, it seamlessly connects to your camera using the ACS26-M adapter. This setup not only ensures superior audio capture but also maintains the portability and convenience of your digital camera setup. Whether you're shooting a documentary or recording a vlog, the SEM-02 adapts to your needs, providing top-notch audio quality without the complexities of traditional audio recording setups.

There are two recommended setups:

1. Wired: Connect the SEM-02 and ACS26-M adapter directly to the camera and adjust the microphone gain to prevent audio peaking or clipping.

2. Wireless: Use RODE Wireless Go (either the older version or the latest RODE Wireless Go II) for a wireless setup. The audio in the accompanying video was recorded wirelessly using the SEM-02 & RODE Wireless Go with a Canon EOS M-6 camera. Both the camera and RODE Wireless Go's audio levels were minimized to prevent signal peaking or clipping.

Practical Tips for Using SEM-02

  • Location Scouting: Choose locations with minimal background noise to enhance the SEM-02's performance.

  • Audio Levels: Adjust the audio levels on both the camera and the SEM-02 to avoid peaking or clipping.

  • Test Recording: Conduct a test recording to ensure the audio quality meets your standards before starting the actual shoot.

The audio in the video below was wirelessly recorded directly onto a Canon EOS M-6 camera using the SEM-02 and RODE Wireless Go.


The SEM-02 microphone is not just an accessory; it's a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their camera's audio capabilities. With its ease of use, compatibility with modern digital cameras, and professional-grade audio quality, the SEM-02 is the perfect companion for your audio recording needs.

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