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Optimal Audio Recording on Your Camera with the SEM-02 Microphone

Updated: Aug 31

When capturing video for movies, it's essential to use an external audio recorder to achieve the best audio quality. However, for vlogging or social media content, is it possible to obtain good audio results directly from a live camera? Modern digital cameras come equipped with a reliable mic preamp and DSP (low noise, broad frequency response, HDR, etc.), allowing for direct audio recording with decent quality. This method eliminates the need for post-production audio-video synchronization.

“But remember never to use the camera’s built-in microphone, because the results are terrible!”

It's crucial to avoid using the camera's built-in microphone due to its inferior quality. Instead, an external microphone, such as a shotgun or lavalier mic, should be used for better results. The SEM-02 microphone, with its microdot system, can be connected directly to the camera using the ACS26-M adapter, ensuring good audio quality.

Microdot Adapter. ACS26-M

There are two recommended setups:

1. Wired: Connect the SEM-02 and ACS26-M adapter directly to the camera and adjust the microphone gain to prevent audio peaking or clipping.

2. Wireless: Use RODE Wireless Go (either the older version or the latest RODE Wireless Go II) for a wireless setup. The audio in the accompanying video was recorded wirelessly using the SEM-02 & RODE Wireless Go with a Canon EOS M-6 camera. Both the camera and RODE Wireless Go's audio levels were minimized to prevent signal peaking or clipping.

The audio in the video below was recorded directly to a Canon EOS M-6 camera wirelessly using the SEM-02 & RODE Wireless Go.

In conclusion, it's possible to achieve good audio quality when recording directly to a camera.

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