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SERUNIAUDIO at SOUND MESSE 2023, Osaka, Japan!

Updated: Aug 15

Not long after NAMM, we come to Osaka, Japan. We are excited that we are invited to be part of the Sound Messe 2023 thanks to the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia. The exhibition is held from 13-14 May 2023.

Seruniaudio together with Radix guitar, Batiksoul guitar, Stranough guitar, Genta guitar, Sui Generis strap, and Dr. Case are in the Indonesia booth, booth number A22.

We met various amazing people from Japan from hobbyists to musicians that come to the Indonesia booth, and we also met Indonesian people that live in Japan. They were amazed by our products as they said Sugoi (すごい). It was an amazing experience we had during the exhibition. Although it is a guitar show, a lot of people were also interested in our microphone products.

On the last day of the exhibition, there was a much more crowd in the ATC hall, the place where the Sound Messe was held. We also met Amp Up, a private studio in Tokyo. And we were also visited by Bung Korea, an influencer that was Korean but able to speak Bahasa fluently.

After the exhibition, we met another interesting musician, Aya a.k.a Kalimba Mint. She is very interested in our products and we also had time to meet. Language became a problem at first, but we believe that music is a universal language, and guess what, we got merch from Aya, thank you!

So, here we go for the review from Aya Kalimba Mint:

We are absolutely excited to meet you again! And of course, visit Japan next time!


video from Koyuki ( young talented fingerstyle guitarist using our SEM-02 microphone.

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